Illness, injury and age-related changes can often diminish a person’s ability to drive safely. At Coach Harder we recognize that it can be difficult to assess how these changes may be impacting the senior in your life and even harder to discuss your concerns with them. We can help by providing an impartial and detailed assessment that will enable you to more easily and effectively address these concerns and navigate this often delicate conversation.

Our licensed and specialized Occupational Therapist can provide an on-road evaluation as well as an individualized clinical assessment to evaluate their physical and cognitive function including reaction time, attention, decision-making, orientation, visual acuity, peripheral vision and adaptive equipment. The evaluation will identify strengths and weaknesses that could potentially impact their safety and the safety of those around them. At the conclusion of the evaluation, results and recommendations will be reviewed with you, the senior and your referring physician. Training sessions and follow-up services are available if needed.

The inability to drive impacts a person on many levels, from independent living to gainful employment. If you have concern for you or a loved one call us at 314-222-3938 or Toll Free at 855-642-7337 (6harder) for more information or to schedule an evaluation.