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Achor Global is smarter.

Standard AD systems, by their very nature give rise to hydrogen sulphide (H2S), otherwise known as 'Bad Egg Gas”. This is not only creates an environmental issue but also gives rise to corrosion issues in machinery such as electrical generators as it significantly shortens their operational life span.

With the Achorlytic™system, this problem is much reduced, it naturally reduces the levels of H2S and thus not only eradicates the smell issue but also dramatically prolongs the life of the life of the machinery. In a digester using the Achorlytic system a drop in Sulphide levels from over 2000ppm to below 400ppm has been observed.

Where biogas generating municipal waste or food waste (including carcasses and post process residues) is used as the feedstock, the process can use waste that is normally not able to be recycled and will reduce the residual solids by anything from 50% to 90%, reducing thereby landfill (and the tipping fees and tax) by over 50%, while generating profitable products. So, both the business and the environment win, in fact, good business sense gives big environmental benefit!

In addition, we have found that in most cases, the initial biochemical treatment alters the smell, transforming it to a fresh and acceptable, even pleasant smell, eliminating nuisance from processing for the surrounding communities.